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I am looking at muti projection system, at the moment with 1 x games PC and three Projectors.  I want best graphics so I want to run 3 x PCs to drive the projectors I already have setup.  But I understand I need 3 x extra licences for each PC.  So this is purely for evaluation, can I get hod of 3 x licences tempererally or can I run the eval copies of x plane on the PCs and would this work..?

As this is for evaluation I dont want to spend on 3 x extra licences that I may or may not use in the future..



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I am not aware of Laminar Research providing a way to demo the pro features in the past. Please email info@x-plane.com to ask about the possibility.
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Hi Kris,

I am not with Laminar Research but jroberts is.

How many projectors do you want to run?  If you have a decent graphics card in one of your computers eg Nvidia geforce 1080 or 1080ti, then you should be able to connect three projectors to the card and only need to run one computer with only one licence required.

Set the projectors up using the X-plane configuration settings for multiple screens and not through the Nvidia or windows settings for multiple screens..

If you want best performance then run Nvidia cards and not AMD cards.

Hope this also helps


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