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What is the current version of XP 11. I was under the impression that it's 11.1 but my installer says I'm running 11.05. I'm not looking to run any beta software.

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Hi Lude2Envy,

You currently have the latest officially released, for general use, version ie 11.05.

The version you refer to as 11.1 is actually 11.10 (eleven point ten) which is still in beta testing format.

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Thank you. X-plane keeps crashing while running the Rotate Sim MD-80. I have the latest version of that installed and x-plane.exe is the faulting module in the Windows Event Viewer. Any suggestions?
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Sorry, you have lost me.  As it is a 3rd party, addon software package then contact the developer.
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As I said, XPlane.exe is the faulting module. Nothing to do with the MD-80.

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