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Perhaps this has been answered before, but haven't seen anything. With 11.10b7 presently, many of the AI planes just spin in circles, like a top. This is quite noticeable in the map view. Can also occasionally be seen in the outside world - recently watched an SR-71 dropping and spinning, into a hillside.

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It sounds like it could be a bug with either the AI or the instructions ATC gives it. If you see this again, we will need to see the log.txt (it has info on what AI & ATC were doing). Depending on the exact situation, you may be able to recreate it with your plane. For example, if it happens at a gate, put your plane there then use the "AI flies the plane" option to see if it does it again. 

File a bug report with as much information as possible, especially if the AI does it with your plane too.