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G'Day All. No matter what aircraft, When I start a flight, the OBS dial and knob are spinning Clockwise, gradually increasing in speed. The basic models, addons, all the same. Direction indicator spins. I have tried every aircraft, resetting and trying to stop the knurled knob but it pauses then spins again. I have no Idea! Please help.


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Check your key/axis assignment in settings for OBS setting. If that is ok, check plugins. Disable them one by one until OBS stops spinning. Let me know how it went.

Happy flying.
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G'Day Marys54

How embarrassing! I assumed an ON/off/ON shifter to be a Momentary/off/Momentary on a HOTAS, recently installed. You have saved me pulling my hair out. It had to be something simple...ME.blush

This has also got me into the Community and I now know how to ask for help, 

Thank you.

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Hello! It is necessary to fully check the functionality of OBS. Remove unnecessary checkboxes, disable plugins, if necessary. Immediately I will say the full functionality of OBS is not for beginners. I have another question. Do you know where i can pay someone to do assignment from different disciplines of my university? Im very interested this issue. And please, if my answer helped you in setting up OBS write me a feedback.

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