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I could find no place on this site to enter a suggestion or comment so I am putting it here.  I have been struggling like crazy to use my light GA taildraggers without having to set the wind to "0" in XP.  It almost seems to have gotten worse in 11.1b8 when I ease up on power and as soon as the plane moves it just goes around in circles regardless of which rudder pedal I use or which aileron I tip into the wind.  This happens with my Piper Cub, my Waco, and my Husky A-1C.  I really enjoy XP especially the work you guys have been doing on 11 and 11.1 and only wish I could realistically use my taildraggers.  I do not fly heavy aircraft at all and don't think a 2 kt crosswind should prevent me from taking off or landing.

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X-Plane has pilots on the team, but none of them fly many tail draggers. In general, Austin uses his experience to tweak the flight model. If people can provide enough specific information, gathered from very controlled experiments & real life, or from official documentation such as the POH, we will be able to use it to adjust the flight model as well. 

The only tail dragger we have in the default fleet is the Stinson, so that would be a good aircraft to do any tests with. Otherwise, you could possibly contact the developers of the third party tail draggers to see if they have noticed issues too. If they have, they should contact us about it directly via the bug reporter.