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I'm seeing that when I turn avionics on Cessna (GPS) it eats 20 FPS, goes from 44 fps to 23. This doesn't happen on MD80, it keeps fps at 40 fps most of the time.

So, is this a normal thing?... or sim need to be improved on this matter?

Edit: Using MD80's FMS if I leave it's display at INDEX screen I get 43 fps, but if I do change it's page fps goes to 19 .... is it normal?

AMD 290X

i7 4790K 4.6Ghz  / 16gb ram
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I'm seeing the same behavior, also with an AMD R9 290.

Even in the glider, with avionics off I get 60+FPS, with avionics on, 30FPS. It only turns on one gauge as far as I can tell..

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Please make sure you do not have any add ons or plugins that could be affecting your install. I do not see any FPS drop with either plane in a clean install. Provide the exact steps you take to see the issue and a copy of the log.txt to the bug reporter so we can track this issue.

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Thank you for your answer. I don't think its a matter of plugins. All I have running is x-ivap. But will do a cleaning of all plugins and do a full review with detailed information of steps taken.
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Using Cessna 172SP (default) when I turn on Avionics (gps I think is the problem) I get a drop of FPS from 44 to 20.

Doing a testing with MD 82 I found similar problem with FMC. If I leave both FMC at INDEX screen I get 50 FPS (I've setted with all settings on minimal). But if I change their screen to some other function I get a big FPS drop.
FPS drops changes between different screens. 
Steps= Graphics settings all minimal. FOV 83.5

No plugins nor weird devices. Only to custom made HIDs.

1)Airport: SADF 
Meteorologic: Downloaded automatically (my bad).
Time: around 7 am local time.

2) Turn APU on and connect its bus bars

3) I get FMC and instruments online.

4) Switch both FMC at INDEX screen. 51fps.

5) Switch one to STATUS (Pilot). 18fps.

6) Switch the second one to STATUS. 10fps. 
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I have a feeling why this is so. I am using the same GPU a Radeon R290X (plus I7-5820K, 32 GB DDR-4 RAM). I saw these framedrops with avionics turned on in XP10.50 and in XP11b3.

In Xplane 11 I also experienced a massive framedrop once I get use to the FMS in the Boeing 737-800. The frame loss is about 15fps. I tested it with and without plugins installed but I am not sure why these things happen.
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Same behavior here, the drop is not so huge, about 10 frames. My system is:

Clevo P170EM Specs:

CPU: Intel i7 3740QM 2.7Ghz  6MB (3rd Gen)


RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz

DISK: 500GB 32MB 7200RPM Sata3,

OS: Windows 10