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I need to change my hard disc, Is that I can copy my updated-xplane 11 folder then paste it on the new one.
And after asking for a new key, run installer ?

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Hi Bruno,

Can you install the new drive into the PC at the same time ie before you remove the old drive?  If so do the installation and then do a normal copy from the old to the new.  Then remove the old drive or leave it installed for other use.

 On the basis the drive to be replaced is a dedicated drive for X-Plane, copy the old drive X-Plane version to the desktop, which is the recommended location for running X-Plane, and then copy back to the newly installed drive.  Again it is a normal copy function.

Alternatively copy X-Plane to a portable external drive and then copy back when the new drive is installed.

The bottom line is you don't need a new key and no need to run installer.  You can have as many copies of X-Plane as you wish on your PC provided you run one copy only of X-Plane at one time and use the same key originally provided at the time of purchase.

Hope this helps

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many thanks, Glenn

It 's my C drive with new windows install too, it's ok with my Key?