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Everything about the download refers to 64 bit but in graphic setup there is only 32 bit options, xplane 10 downloaded both 32 and 64 bit versions,also the graphics aren't stunning but pretty bland, Im running a intel quad core i5-4440 CPU  @ 3.10 GHz 3.10GHz, 16GB Ram with NVidea GeForce GTX960, is this not enough

please help

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Hi Billy,

I am not with Laminar Research.

Any Steam version of X-Plane is not the official Laminar Research version.  There is no commercial arrangement between both parties  Steam is a 3rd party hybrid whereby the creators are taking a commercial advantage of the work ie development carried out by Laminar to produce version 11 and any previous version.

You will get any updates much quicker with the official version.  Laminar Research updates will not function within steam and vice versa.

This forum is for the official LR version and you should take your concerns back to the sellers or creators of the steam version.

Good luck with your problem.