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I have watched a youtube video of the Cirrus SF50 with G100 by Jon Fly. He says this aircraft is standard in v11.10. My Mac installation tells me I have v11.05 and is up to date. Is 11.10 not available for Mac?

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Hi MMM_dg

I am not with Laminar Research,

The current official release version is 11.05 for everybody

Version 11.10 (eleven point ten) is still in the development (beta) stage for flight simmers to test.  I understand that the change from 11.05 to 11.10 is and will be significant. If you want to stay with a stable situation stay with 11.05 until the official release.  When?  Who knows?

A word of warning.  As you have indicated you are a Mac user don't venture to upgrade to High Sierra.  The Mac team need to talk to Laminar Research regarding an operational problem.  Until they do you will have problems running X-Plane on your system if you change.

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Thanks Glenn. I stumbled on to selecting include betas in the update and got it. One quick run with this version and it does seem much improved. I'm still on a fairly steep learning curve. Last flew real world in 1978 - GPS? Glass cockpit?

Thanks for the advice re High Sierra.