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I installed via steam.....What I am noticing is that a small class D airport like KPTK and KVLL (local to where I live Michigan) actually have good building and scenery etc. But a major airport Class B like KDTW(Detroit) has only tarmac and runways !!!!

I did not purchase any custom scenery just default stuff.

As a side note. After Steam installed I noticed that a whole bunch of world scenery had been installed. I could see this in that steam window. So I unchecked everything except the US......will this cause this issue.

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I'm not sure why you aren't seeing any buildings at KDTW. I was not able to reproduce this. Check for freeware custom scenery or a low objects setting in the graphics settings.

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As mentioned previously i am not using any freeware or payware. I did have demo though...will that be a problem
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It appears that it doesnt shiw up with my version 11.05r2.
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I investigated a little further and found that it is indeed a new scenery that ships with 11.10, so you will have scenery once this update is released.