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Dear Sir: I have paid a lot of money and I can´t open the  XPlane 11 with the last update dec 8th, it stop in starting the world, and nothing happen, could you please tell whats going on with this up date, and please could you fix this problem.
It is incredible so many problems, JAR airplanes dont work property, I waste my money.
I dont understand  dont you test your up dates, please fix this or put my money back.


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I'm also having the same problem! How do I uninstall this update????
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I dont know, always the same, they release a new update that never works, or works with a lot of problems, and nobody in the company answer that, they only want the money, with the planes is the same,  some of them works others not, but the money is in the pocket, if you have a problem go to the forum.
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Should be better buy a P3D.

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In order to provide any specific troubleshooting tips, we must see a copy of the log.txt that has a lot of information on your system & set up.

If you have an AMD graphics card, we have heard that AMD users have been able to fix this by deleting the contents of the Output > shadercache folder. Please try this and see if it works for you as well.

Otherwise you can try to move the preferences folder (found in the Output folder) to the desktop, then restart X‑Plane and default preferences will be restored. If the default preferences do not fix your problem, you can simply replace them with the folder you moved to the desktop and restore your personalized settings.

The final common culprit is third party add ons, such as scenery and plugins. Try moving the Custom Scenery folder and plugins folder (found in the Resources folder) to the desktop, then restart X-Plane.
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Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.

You have an AMD GPU, so please try deleting the contents of the Output > shadercache folder.  This should get you flying again.