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I am new to Xplane 11  so I am still learning, but since the last update I can no longer calibrate my PFC quadrant or rudder pedal . I use to go in the joystick setting and use the PCF harware option at the bottom of the page. From special equipment I will pick the Quadrant I am using and then using the MIN,MAX & center option to the calibrate y Cirrus II. The calibration was straight forward (min them max for the throttles and I would get a green bar showing me that it works), now there is no green bar and nothing works anymore. My throttle, Rudder and trims are not responding in the sim. I know it is not my hardware because it work fine in FSX and it did work perfectly last weekend.

Anyone knows what could be the problem?


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Like I said I am learning, so I found my problem everything works fine now.


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Could you comment what your issue was?... so we can know too?.. thanks.