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I want to surround an airport with a transparent yellow box that can be freely flown through.

I'm currently trying to make a facade in world editor, using a custom texture and .fac file.  But this isn't working.  I can't get X-Plane 9 to draw the inside faces of the facade.  I think part of the problem is that I don't really understand the .fac file specification (for example, half of the roof of the facade also isn't drawn.  Specifically, the roof of the facade is split along one of its diagonals.  On one side the roof is drawn correctly, and on the other the roof is not drawn at all).  But unless I'm doing something very wrong, it seems that in X-Plane 9, facades don't respect DOUBLED and TWO_SIDED commands in .fac files.


(One more thing -- I'd also like to draw lines and points on the screen, like the HUD of the various military jets.  Is it possible to write a plugin to do this?)

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