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Please Help my X Plane Keeps Crashing ever since the patch was installed, i never had a problem  before now i can log in to the game play for 5 min or less then the game just crashes and the only way back into game is to log off the pc and  restart steam and back into game for 5 min i have attached 2 logs of the Crash

imageDownload file

imageDownload file


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Here is the Log.txt from the root folder

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Hi cgmm2013,

I am not with Laminar Research.

Had a look at the Log.txt file and noticed a couple of issues.

1.  Are you running a Steam version?  If so you need to raise your problem with Steam.  Steam is not the official X-Plane version.  It is a 3rd party product.  This forum is for the official version from Laminar Research.

2.  Are you using an AMD graphics card?  I have been reading all the postings in the forum and noticed that AMD card users are currently having problems with the latest X-Plane version (XP11.10).  They have do do some tweeking of files for the card.  Apparently it works.  Scroll back through the postings for a few days to find a possible solution.

Have a look at the answer provided by jroberts in this posting at   http://questions.x-plane.com/14632/after-the-new-acutlization-some-avioncics-dont-work        It may help.


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