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I can't complete a flight without it crashing after 11.10 beta install.  I don't know what to do.  please check log to see what the problem is.  I didn't have this problem until beta install.  Can I revert back to previous version if this can't be resolved soon?


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Hello! Yes! I'm having the same issue! I purchased my copy from Steam, and come to find out they won't help! Not only did my sim crash after the update, but I can't find the serial that came with it!


  What do I do?

 Please help!
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Hi Happygimp,

Lash out and purchase the official Laminar Research X-plane version for starters.

Steam is a 3rd party hybrid whereby the creators are taking a commercial advantage of the development work by Laminar Research.  The is no commercial arramgement between both parties.

I am not with Laminar Research

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Hi Glockman42,

Download the official release version of X-Plane 11.10 to ascertain if this helps.  XP11 is now out of Beta.

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I did that as well and it's still not working properly.  check my log please.