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I have previously been using X-plane 11 on steam with no issues at all on windows 7. However I decided to finally upgrade to windows 10 but now the program crashes on launch. Is the steam version not compatible with windows 10?

Please help.



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Here is the dump file is this helps.

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Hi eean89

Steam is a 3rd party modification of the original LR software.  LR has no connection with them.  I have seen other postings in this forum whereby LR staff have advised steam users to take their problem up with that third party.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Hi eean89,

Although I don't support third parties taking a commercial advantage of the hard work by others, to help you out of your predicament have a look at what appears to be the same problem as your at http://questions.x-plane.com/9507/how-do-i-install-xplane-after-latest-windows-10-update

Hope this helps you further?


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