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I'm suffering from a low-contrast, washed-out "glaze" which appears in every view of every aircraft, both inside and outside the cockpit. When I take a screenshot it isn't there (i.e. everything is high contrast). In the example below I've duplicated the screenshot, with the lower view Photoshopped to try and illustrate what I see.

I'm using Win7 Pro 64-bit with an nVidia GTX 1080Ti and the latest driver

How can I prevent this happening (and what is causing it in the first place)?

Many thanks



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Check for and remove any addons--one could be causing this. This is not a feature of the default sim at least.
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It sounds like some add-on changed your settings or preferences file for the rendering such as Gama or Brightness.   IF you re-run your installer tool after deleting the X-Plane*.prf preferences & settings.txt file (make a backup just in case), the installer should replace the file and download the default one.  Hopefully this clears up your issue.  If not, I would recommend contacting X-Plane support.

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