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Experiencing issues recently. While it used to work fine, now when I start the app two things seem different/wrong:

1. I now see the words "press (a) to begin" (or similar) instead of tap screen to begin.
2. The Sim doesn't respond to non-tap controls. For instance, I can start a free flight in a Cessna, release the brakes, adjust throttle to 100%, even use the rudder to take off- but turning the phone left or right, pushing it forward and back does nothing.

Essential PH1
Android 7.1.1, 8.0

I've tried restarting the app, and the phone. I've also tried reinstalling the app.

I have recently applied updates to Android. Can't be certain it started exactly then.

I've tried sideloading Android 8.0.

The first time it happened I thought things may be confused by the USB-c headphone jack adapter, it seems like the game is expecting a game controller is plugged in, but removing the adapter and restarting the phone hasn't helped either.

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Still broken. Now I see a graphic of a controller with an instruction that says push thumb control left to turn. Game seems to think I have a controller plugged in. Currently on Android 8.1.0.

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This has now mysteriously fixed itself as of latest Android 8.1.0 and XPlane 10.7.0.

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