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I am a fixed wing pilot starting to take real helicopter lessons.

I bought a helicopter control kit (heli-kit) and it sort of works on MS flight simulator X,

but even calibrated, does not seem to work on x plane.

I calibrated the controls, and set the cyclic to the pitch and roll, rudder to yaw,

collective to collective, but would suddenly start to spin and go pitch up uncontrollably.

In a real helicopter, after 6 hours,  I could not do a really stable hover, but never would

get that uncontrolled.

Could someone help me set up the controls so I can use x plane's helicopters?

Thank you in advance.

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Does the company you bought the controls from provide any support for set up? Otherwise, there is a general video on how to set up controls in this article:

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Thank you so much for your answer.

I thought I had done this several times, but this time it seems better.

I will try to calibrate to make it better.

Thanks again.