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I was using SimAvio2 for a panel until it no longer works with X-Plane.  Now I can't get a panel to appear on any view.  How do I get a panel to reappear?

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Please attach a copy of your log.txt found in the main X-Plane folder. Please provide more, specific details about what changed. Did you update SimAvio? Update X-Plane? Did you change any settings that could have caused it to disappear? More information is always better!
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Attached is the log.txt file.  My version of SimAVio was 2.96.4 ( I think, it's deleted so I don't know if it is the exact version.  But reading the threads on the forum, it appears that SimAvio quit working with X-Plane 10.4.  Since SimAvio quit supporting their product, we are SOL.  

So I'm just trying to restore the default panel in X-Plane.  

Thanks for your help.