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i cant afford to buy nor do i want those stupid conroller for the rift i am a stck and rudder man so i use leapmotion to trow switches open doors and such why no leapmotion support

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Those "stupid controller" are absolutely fantastic.  They create a very immersive experience.  Maybe tone the whining down when talking about a beta version of the VR product that only came out a few hours ago.  One that acknowledges how it currently works and that promises better support in the future.  

Those "stupid controller" come free with the current Oculus setup with two sensors for as little as $349 now.  Most people, if not all people buying the Oculus Rift are now getting it with those "stupid controller"

I highly recommend picking up a set of them and trying yourself.  Then you'll know what the fuss is about.
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firstly thank you for your rsponse

 secondly have you ever flown a chopper?. you NEED both hands i repeat both hands all i am saying is that they need to make things backwards compatable to cater for ALL simmers

i am not going to spen another 500 bucks on top of the 1000 bucks already spent on the oculus i just dont have that money any more
please have a look at what i am trying to convey

I appologize for th audio i dont know how to fix it if it annoys you just mute it
 iknow its only beta but they should have thought about this before they put it out

if Dan Church can make a product as good as Fltyinside which btw is leapmotion ready yhen why cant the xplane developer adopt such compatability ??

Flight sims arent games they are simulators

thank you for your interest

chris gard

ps The problem with these controllers is you need to hold it in your hand, but how would you do it when flying a helicopter? Helicopter virtual pilots community has grown a lot over a few recent years, so i think you should somehow take our opinion into account when you force us to hold rift controllers along with collective and cyclic levers somehow. I can assure you this is not a good experience at all. One cant simply do it physically in a convenient way.
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Flying helicopters as well, and in this case these controllers are not fantastic. Besides this FlyInside perfectly provides the ability to use VR with standard controllers, and there are no reasons why X-Plane would not be able to do the same.

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yes that is precisley my point ( dont know why i got shot down in flames) by Howardrabb 

i dont think he flies choppers

in a true sim it NEEDS to be as realistic as possible and making us use those controllers takes the realism away would you agrree ?

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X-Plane is supposed to be as close to a simulation as possible, it claims that a commercial version is used by professionnals, therefore, unless that kind of controllers has been recently approved by the ICAO, FAA, etc, using these controllers is not simulation as it it supposed to be when it comes to flying aircrafts.

In fact these controllers were not designed for that kind of VR. They were trying to provide an answer to questions raised by using VR in games, not in real life simulation. Dirt Rally is using VR, with wheel, shifter and pedals, and is absolutely fantastic. No arms flailing, things knocked over and whatnot, only pure driving just like it is done in real life.

Had it been using these controllers, well ...

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If I was playing some shootemup war game  then maybe but i want a realistic flight sim and if you have ever flown a chopper you will no what i mean .If you can demonstrate (VIA video ) how you would fly say a bell 407 or squirrel or xtrident using nothing but controllers ie no cyclic ,collective or antitorque pedals then please do so.
I OBJECT to you calling me a whiner ,i was merely pointing out my frustration after waiting with bated breath for native vr in xplane only to discover I can't use my $AU1000 rift its called free speech i think i may be wrong