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So some people on here have been going through the same issue - I have an image on my monitor but nothing on headset. (headset grows dark when going to hanger view) If I roll back to specifically 17.8.1 crimson drivers - the VR works  - X-plane seems to still be running old driver files for the VR that only matches to this driver ?  is this the case and if so when will it be fixed as this is a major issue for upgrading drivers on my rig - to the latest

Rig i7700 asus ranger   rx480 8gig  16gig mem - all other VR games work flawlessly including the intense DCS
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Just confirming I have the same blank headset issue with my Samsung Odyssey on Radeon RX Vega 56.  It appears 18.x are the only drivers available for it, so I cannot attempt downgrading.  All other VR games work fine.  I bought the headset and graphics card specifically for X-Plane, so I would VERY much so like a fix for this.

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