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The Airport at Sankt Petersburgh in Russia with code ULLI is not correctly geolocated in x-plane 11, version 11.10.

The ILS was perfectly aligned on my PFD when I tried to land on this Airport but the Runway was completely offset. I use Navigraph moving map when I fly so I can see my exact position and this map showed that I was over 500 meters South of the Airport, even when I was standing with my plane on one of the runways. I have made many succesful landings with ILS and I have checked this over and over and I am now sure that this Airport is wrongly geolocated in the game. I wanted you to know this so you can fix it. I hope you understand me because English is not my first language.

Merry Christmas from Sweden


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The fastest way to get an airport's location fixed is to verify the actual location with official data, then download the free WED program and edit the airport location. If you upload the revised scenery to the Gateway it will be considered for inclusion in a later update.