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Hi there

I am currently on the go, so I can't attach any files just right now. But I am very curious on why I encounter problems here. So maybe one of you knows the reason for the behavior explained.

Also, I have to admit that I am not a pilot or pilot student. I am doing this for fun. Without doubt I lack of knowledge. But I do my best to learn. So please don't be too hard on me!

I wanted to do an autoland as explained in this video. (German sorry I used another airport than in the tutorial (LSZH RWY 16)

In order to practice, I saved the situation prior the reaching the glidescope.The first attempts were not turning out fine. So I reloaded the flight.

Everything works just as described in the video. But there is one major difference: When the callout 50 comes, I would like to disengage the autopilot (I just used CMD A) and fly manually in order to pitch up the nose a bit. The problem I encounter is, that I cannot disengage the autopilot as shown in the video tutorial. When I press the button, the CMD A-button's green light remains on. Nothing happens. Also when I pull the autopilot disengage lever (If I remember correctly), the autopilot and especially the speed setting of the autothrottle remain on. This makes everything quite wierd. If I mange to land afterall, the autothrottle will start accelerating again.

Why is that? Thank you very much. I appreciate any inputs.


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I take it your question is referring to the B738 in X-Plane.  I’m not a real life 738 pilot, but I believe In real operations, the pilot actually uses the Autopilot Disengage button located on the left handle of the yoke to disengage the A/P.  This button is not simulated in the LR default B738, but is modeled in the Zibo version of the aircraft.

As for Auto Throttle, it is a separate system from the Autopilot.  So you would need to separately disengage that if you want to “take over” prior to touchdown.  That function too, has a disengage button located on the throttle lever(s).

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Works perfectly now.