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I try now since more than 1 day to download the x-plane 11 digital download. The installer abort the download and try to start again after a few time.

The log text shows a failure as follow:

Server hit error Timeout was reached and will time out for 130.000000 seconds.

Meanwhile the timeout is over 300 seconds per failure.

5 minutes waiting for maybe 20 files and then again 5 minutes to wait. I am with a 100Mbit connection and not able to finish the installation. I ask myself why other Distributors with a much larger customer base are able to manage the amount of requested downloads and laminar not.

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The installer rashly closes the change and tries to start over again when distinct time. Five minutes waiting for probable twenty reports so again 5 mins to visit. Write My Essay UK with a 100Mbit cooperation and fragile to finish the foundation.

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