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O19 kneeland airport in California has the wrong heading.  The runway is supposed to parrallel the road and the approach from the south is supposed to be along side the little hill.  Instead the little hill is directly in front of the approach.  When I fix it in WED, the runway ends up with bumps or cliffs that make  it unlandable.  If I tell WED to always flatten, it makes a huge plateau that looks rediculous.  Is there someway this can be fixed?  I paid $60 and I can't even land at my local airport.  Please don't tell me that it's correct.  I live here.  I know what the proper heading is.  Please fix this or tell me how to fix it.  Either that or give me my money back.  Thank you.

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Check the airport's elevation--that might be making the plateau when you use the flatten option in WED. Terrain issues can only be fixed when scenery is recut. In general though, the terrain under airport scenery is smoothed out because the alternative tends to be worse.