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The name of my local airport has changed from Flagler County Airport, KXFL, to Flagler Executive Airport, KFIN. In my version of X-Plane v10.51r2, how can I change that information in order to have the correct display for my airport. I have my own custom airport that I built myself, but how can I get X-Plane to display the correct name. Which .dat file do I update?  Will that do it?

Joe McCormick(CaptCargo)

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Hi Joe, 

Please check out the Airport Scenery Gateway. We'd love it if you would register as an artist and submit your scenery to our database. Then it might be included in a global airport update at a later date and everyone could see your work.

You can also submit requests for new airports that are missing in X-Plane, or requests to change codes. You can submit a bug report on this page to request the ICAO change and we'll get you taken care of. Note that it will not show up by default until the next global airport update though.