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I just completed a new PC build (8700k, GTX1080Ti, 16 GB RAM, Windows 10) and have only briefly been able to get X-Plane 11 to load.  The installer downloaded and ran fine, I entered my digital download code, and the test flight launched.  When I finished the initial test flight and went to load an actual flight, the system froze during "Finishing asynchronous loading."  I waited 10 minutes, then eventually the system offered to quit because the application wasn't responding.  Since then, every other time I have launched the app, it has frozen at the same point.  I tried trashing my preferences folder to no avail.  I tried updating to 11.11, that still froze at the same point.  I trashed the 11.11 prefs, no luck.  I made a second clean installation, no luck.  Several of the launches have hit a blue screen of death after a few minutes with each of them having different memory or driver faults.  I have no problems launching any other memory intensive games (Dirt 3, Grid 2, COD:MW2, etc.).  My computer passes memory testing and Intel XTU stress testing.  I am completely stumped.  My log file is attached and I have a memory dump file from a force quit if it would be at all helpful.  I purpose built this machine for X-Plane because my Mac Pro 2010 is getting very long in the tooth, but it at least boots and runs X-Plane 11, if slowly.  Helpppppp!  Thank you, Chris



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Finally got X-Plane 11 to load on my new PC build.  The problem turned out to be my ASUS motherboard BIOS settings.  There is a "Normal" default and an "Extreme Performance" option.  The latter seemed to be incompatible with running X-Plane.  I need to dig into the manual and see what the difference in BIOS is between the two.  But in the meantime, WOW what a difference a fast processor and graphics card makes compared to my venerable old MacPro!
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Hi Mate,

Good to hear that you have the problem fixed. I was going to suggest driver bug or old driver but good thing you have it fixed. Also yes it runs very nicely on high performance hardware. I used to run it on an i5 760 @ 2.8GHz and an ASUS ROG GTX 960 2GB and 16GB DDR3 RAM and I tell you that the performance on that was poor. Now running an i7-7700K @ 5.1GHz and an RX480 OC 8GB with 16GB DDR4 Ram and it runs nice and smooth although I am looking at getting an ASUS ROG GTX1070 because I dont like the low clock speeds on the AMD card and I have driver issues with a few games.


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