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I recently installed X-Plane 11 to my computer. While the default scenery is adequate, I would like to install Alpilotx's Orthoscenery and HD Mesh v4 as the base layer.  Alpilotx also has Forests Mesh as well. My question is: Will these three Add-on Sceneries all work together well or do I have to chose between orthoscenery and HD Mesh v4 or something else?  It would ideal if these add-ons can work together. Since I don't know the answer, I need to ask.

On another point, do I need to remove the .ini data files BEFORE I install any of the above applications? Will I get garbage out if I don't?  That's not clear to me.'

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Orthoscenery contains some mesh information, and HD Mesh is drapped with autogen textures. This is described in one single dsf file. Relief and ground textures seem to be currently described as a whole, with no priority distinction. I think this i ashame, and I don't know if this is supposed to change in Laminar Research scope.

It means that X-plane will load either orthoscenery or HD mesh on a given tile, depending on the priority written in the scenery_packs.ini file.

Several cases :
- you never touched the file and the latest one added will be the one loaded
- you deleted the file and the tile will be loaded with the dsf contained it the folder that comes first in alphabetic order
- you edited the file in order to customise the priority order, and only the dsf contained in the highest folder in the list will be loaded. Unless you inhibated it with the appropriate "command".

The forest, however, is an overlay. It will be loaded on top of the loaded mesh, as long as you installed it with a higher priority than the mesh. It should be the case if you followed properly the provided installation instructions.

More information here :

and here :

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There is no "AlpilotX Orthophoto" scenery.

Combining HD Mesh v4 with other (orthophoto) base meshes is not possible. Read the official FAQ.