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I'm using the Saitech Flight Switch Panel, and before selecting any plane to fly , the green lights are "on". When flying a plane with retracts, it works as it should, but when selecting a fixed gear plane, the lights stay green all the time. ( even when parked with all switches off ) . Is this a normal situation ???    ---  It doesn't happen in FSX !

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Saitek panels (switch, radios, autopilot and others) rely on data passed by saitek plugin, which reads the data from x-plane and sends them via USB to these panels. During x-plane startup, these plugins are not reliable, thus the green lights. After x-plane has started up, all plugins stabilise and all data are correct. Also, when you are flying a fixed gear plane, the gear is technically down, so green lights are ok, though 'three greens' look strange in this kind of the aircraft.

Happy flying.
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Thank you Marys54.
Your answer makes good  sense to me..
I have another question for you. The panel light switch on the Saitech device will not turn on the aircraft instrument panel lights, but I can make them work if I use the mouse to click on the switch in cockpit-view.  What do
you think about this ??

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Looks to me as different aircraft use different datarefs (even custom ones) to control various lights inside their cockpits and these datarefs are somehow not standardised.

I would say that saitek plugin uses incorrect darefs for a particular aircraft, example:

These datarefs

sim/cockpit/electrical/instrument_brightness work fine for stock cessna172, but do not for baron58, which is a more complex aircraft and has more knobs controlling just the dashboard lights.

Try your panels on cessna172 and if everything is fine, and all that fails on baron58, then I am right about the various datarefs with various aircraft.

Happy flying.