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Looks like this is neither in the manual nor on most(free) additions.

The files sets look the same but where to place or what to extract where ?

With Ortho 4XP I found some instructions but only for the tiles and the overlay.

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Hi ckaas2,

Without intending to be facetious, consult Dr Google to find a suitable answer to solve your problem.

I am having difficulty in locating instructions I have recently seen either in this forum or from another YouTube video, on what to do and how to do it, for the question you have asked.  So, as an alternative, I did a google search and found many YouTube videos that answer your question.  You will need to have a look at several videos as some relate to parts of your question and others relate to different versions of X-Plane.

In the meantime have a look at the following link at  The implication is also implied you apply the same principle to scenery

Should I find the video I will send you the details in a private message/

Hope you find a suitable answer.