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After the last update for X-Plane 11, My third party aircraft, RWDesign Twin Otter, FJS Q400 V2.1703.1050, AreoBask Eclipse 550NG all act as though they are glued to the tarmac, even after I have visually released the brakes and applied full throttle. The planes either don't move at all or move so slowly, they cannot reach takeoff speed. I then attempted to fly the XP11 Stock 737-800 and did not have any issue. 

I have attached the last Log.txt from my attempted use of the Eclipse 550NG. I hope you will be able to find an fix to the issue. If there is any further information that may help you, please feel free to ask.


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Have you contacted RWDesign for this? This should be the first step, as requested by Laminar Research team.
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I appreciate your comment and if the RWDesign's aircraft had been the only one that the problem had occured with I would have contacted them first. The fact that the problem happened to every 3rd party aircraft I tried to fly, told me it was not an issue with the aircraft but an issue with some file in X-Plane 11.
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Ok. I Do not have any of these, and all the third party aircraft I tried have no such problem (payware and freeware). Sorry, I can not help you on that one..

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You can try resetting preferences to default (go to Output then move, rename or delete the entire preferences folder). Remove addons, plugins, custom scenery, etc. Run the installer and pick "update" to make sure default files aren't corrupt.

After all that, it's true that if the default aircraft do not show the issue it is not likely to be a problem with X-Plane.
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Thank you so very much for your comment. Just thirty minutes prior to getting an email alert, I had been talking to friends of mine on Discord and eliminated all but the following three files from my preferences: X-Plane Analytics, Calibration and Joystick Settings. I then started up X-Plane 11 and attempted to fly the each and everyone of the aircraft that the issue happened with and they all worked perfectly. So as you stated, it was something in the preference folder that was causing the problem. Thank you deeply for your assistance. Problem Solved.