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I am exploring the game of xplane 11 before i buy it and i have a couple questions about it.

  1. Iv seen Youtube videos where the graphics and speed are unreal but i dont know what i need to get that. I looked at the minimum recomended requirments, is this what is needed to make it really relistic or is there somthing specific that i need in order to do this.
  2.  This question is regarding payware aircraft and scenery. I noticed that i can buy airports, what is the difference between if i did not buy an airport in Atlanta and if i did. Also when buying aircraft is there a way to add any livery you want later on?
  3. What is the best website to buy aircraft?  

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1. Only meeting the minimum system requirements probably would not allow you to run X-Plane like you see in videos. Your computer will need to meet or exceed the recommended specs to fully utilize the rendering engine, and that does not take into consideration how demanding add ons can be. Detailed or un-optimized third party scenery and aircraft can also greatly affect X-Plane's performance.

2. The payware market brings more detail and variety to X-Plane. A lot of time third party devs make planes that are not included with the default simulator, or scenery that is much more detailed. KATL is one of the major airports though, so we have provided a fairly detailed default airport for that area.

3. That is up to you. Major stores include (no affiliation with this site or or Aerosoft for example.