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Hi, I Buy and "old" x-plane 10.

I have I5-7500 3,4 Ghz + 16 Gb ram + gtx 1050 4 gb ddr5

IWhen I use the video resolution options at most x-plane it becomes slow.

I would like to upgrade the PC but I do not know if it is better to increase the processor with I7 or put a video card more 'you can what you recommend?

Thank's Fabio

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I'd look for a faster processor at least 4 Ghz and a solid state hard drive. It will load faster. When X Plane is loading and running have Task Manager onscreen showing you the performance settings CPU, Disk , Memory and GPU - Graphics Video card usage. To do this unselect the full screen in X Plane 10 settings. A gaming PC is the way to go.