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Hi everybody,

When I start a new flight with King Air C90 with engine NOT RUNNING activated I am running into two problems.

1. My trim wheel lever (I misuse the blue lever of my Saitek Yoke as elevator trim wheel) is not recognized while the red lever (as yaw trim) and the black (throttle) are. If I start with "engine running" all levers ARE beeing recognized.

2. I did not find any way to power on EFIS and the other thingy below it. Nothing about that in the startup checklist. Is that a bug or am I just too stupid to find the right knob? When engaging with "engine running" everything works fine.

When I begin with "engines running", turn everything off as a workaround and then start the engines again everything works fine (EFIS and trim) so expect to be that a bug.

Any help would be apreciated. :)

BTW. I made a video of that (german): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqOieV3OUM4

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The King Air requires the EFIS power switch to be flipped to on. It is located on the console between the seats. This changed since the manual was written, but it will be updated.

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