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When I try to record a movie in x plane by the default replay function (ctrl space or "Toggle AVI movie") I get to a pretty serious problem. I can record in "real time" when flying but as soon I want to record from a replay I get problems. If I'm in the 3D cockpit view and start to record when replaying the camera viewpoint starts to spin in all directions.

(See video)

I have no idea of whats going on, have anyone else had this problem/knows how to fix it? If so please help ! ! !

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I was not able to reproduce this in a clean install of X-Plane 11.11. I replayed part of a flight and toggled the movie recording on at the same time. No strange camera behavior happened. I stopped recording the movie and viewed the .avi file in the Output folder, but again it looked totally normal. 

Check for add ons that could be causing this, or additional steps. If you find it is reproducible with more information and no add ons, you can file a bug report here. Include a log.txt and be as detailed as possible.

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Hmm, I'm running xp10 but I guess ill just delete some plugins and see if I can fix it.

Thank you for responding
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You don't have to delete the plugins (IMHO); just disable them via plugin admin.