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Love your flight simulators.

I do have a suggestion for the heads-up display.  Right now the compass is locked to the ladder, so if you are climbing or diving by more than ten degrees, you cannot see your heading.

It would make more sense for the compass to be kept horizontal near the middle of the display.

Thank you.

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X-plane is enhancing yes, that is valid, yet to the extent my experience says, FSX is still better with regards to the authenticity which incorporates the flight flow for the planes, and FSX have considerably more extensive "market" to download third part addons. Dissertation Writers

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I am already used the Xplan on my iPhone it's very useful to authenticate the incorporates the flight flow. Here I want to know one thing when I access the X plane on my iPhone my iTunes account giving an error that is error 4013 and I don't know how to get the solution of this problem.

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