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I purchased the x-plane beta a while ago, how do i get 11.20 beta? Would like to try native VR version.

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Hi Rosko,

On the basis you have the official x-plane version and not steam, load or boot up x-plane.  At the official main screen there should be a box to tick or there may be a prompt to ask if you want to download the latest beta version.  If you say yes or tick the box the latest version of X-Plane will download.  You then should have version 11.20

If you have a steam version I can't help as I only support the official version.  A steam user was given information in an earlier question in this forum on what to do.

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Hi, thanks Glenn. Yes i have the non-steam version. After a bit of digging around the net i figured it out that i have to click on the x-plane11 installer.exe not xplane11.exe.

In Steam it should be pretty simple although maybe not obvious. I imagine you just opt into beta through right clicking on app oin steam /properties/beta. Just in case anyone comes across this thread.
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Hi Rosko,

Glad to know you found the solution.  Have a look at this site for a great deal of information on using VR which can be found at


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wow thats a great resource thanks. Touch interaction is way better than i imagined i doubt i can live without it now i tried it. Performance is poor for now though on my i7700k titan xp rift setup, even on the suggested settings in that youtube channel.