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Hi folks,

I'm trying to maintain realism as much as possible, and every time I want to access the GNS430's GPS functions, this giant helpful" popup window launches into my field of view. Not exactly very realistic.

I have a pretty large monitor, so I'm quite happy to do all my GNS430 data entry and modifications using the unit as displayed on the panel, even if it's a little small. Hell, the real thing is pretty small too!

Anyone know of a fix, or a work-around?

Thanks much


x-plane 10.4, 27" iMac 2011

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I do not know of any fix or work around at the current time, but I will put in a feature request to see if it can be added.
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Thanks for the reply.

One work around I've found so far is just to allow the popup window to remain, but tuck it in a corner, with only a piece of it showing. In that way I'm able to basically ignore it, as it seems all critical GNS430 features do seem to be available when interacting with the wee little GNS430 on the avionics stack.

Not very elegant, but it works so far and I can live with it.

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Evidently this capability is a per-plane issue. It depends on the size of the GPS in the plane's panel:

"If the panel GPS is sufficiently large to display the original screen, the popup window is never automatically toggled.
Try the c172: The 2d panel GPS is too small to actually show the real screen, therefore manipulating the right knob will toggle the popup so you can see what the heck you're doing.
Now load the Baron 58 instead: Here the panel GPS is large enough and shows the actual screen. Twist the right knob in the 3d panel and note the popup does not trigger automatically.
So this functionality already exists, it just depends on whether the plane's panel is compatible with post-10.30 instrument sizes."

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another way is to modify Miscellaneaous.prf file

for GNS 430 (and 530 too and other gps) you have indication of position and size of popup windows.

P pilot-430 gps_floating_loc 0||407||800||742

you save this line in a specific file, aka, gns430pos.bkp for example

and then you may reset  the size to 0 0 0 0

then when you want your gps popup back you recall the saved values.

the best way is to assign a button or a key for popup toggle