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My X-Plane 11 starts up like normal, then some pixels appear wrongly coloured, and I can't click anything, the program is unresponsive as soon as it has loaded on to the main menu.

I removed all the Plugins apart from the ones which I think are the Laminar plugins.

I also removed all my custom aircraft.

Finally I removed some Custom Scenery that was the last thing to show in the Log file.

Still crashing, so I'll upload my Log.txt with this.

Thanks for any help! :) 

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Unfortunately, the log doesn't have info in it on the crash. There is still a lot of add on scenery included. One way to find out if custom scenery is causing the problem is to move the entire folder to the desktop & try the sim again. You can add scenery back in small groups to see if or when the problem reappears.
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Hi, I think I found that MSI Afterburner was causing the crash (for some reason). I thought this might still be in the log.

Thanks for your help!