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HI, my name is Manuel, and I buy x-plane 11 when it went on sale, I was using it for months, then I had to desisnatalr for lack of space, and desisnstale as follows: first uninstall the scenarios because there is an "uninstall" button and months then delete all the folders. Today I tried to install it again, but I can not, I have been trying to install mexico all day long, and always when it reaches 30 percent it tells me that the download can not continue due to a broken file, and I can not install it, please help

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Make sure you are using the latest version of the installer from here. Attach a copy of the installer log.txt and a screenshot of the installer error message. 

The fastest way to get flying is to install no scenery then add it later, if you want to try that for now until we can investigate the issue more. 

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