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Hello X-Plane community!

Over the last week, I thought: what can be improved to make X-plane 10 Mobile just a little bit better? I thought of two things that shouldn't be too hard to build in, but would really enhance the experience. The first one is to add 2D cockpit support. Now that might sound strange, because normally people would ask for 3D cockpits, but sometimes, I just love having everything sorted in a static image with clickable items. It could just be a view before or after the cockpit view comes up. Lots of people probably don't care if this gets added, but it would be quite nice in my opinion.

Second, a landing review system. Like the Landing Speed Plugin for X-Plane 10 Desktop version. It would simply read how good your landing was. As an addition to the plugin, if you're values were bad, they would be red. If they were okay, they would be orange and if they were green, your landing was good/perfect. Like your landing speed was okay, it would be orange, your V/S was good, green, your G-Force was good, green but your max centerline deviation was bad and would be red. This makes it possible to see what exactly was so good/bad about your landing, so you can keep it up / improve it for next time individually.

Tell me what you think about these.

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Those are all great ideas. Especially the landing review system.
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Thanks for responding! I hope X-Plane mobile will greatly expand over the next months!
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Oh, this is for X-Plane Mobile (my eyes must have skipped "mobile").

These are great ideas as they are. The 2D cockpits would take considerable time to work on, but the landing review seems pretty neat. It's something you'd have to tell Laminar Research, I guess.


*I am not affiliated with Laminar Research.

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