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..Stock Cessna C172 SP.

Well, I can find the button keyboard assignment for Avionic Bus 1 but the Bus 2 is no where to be found ?

Please advice


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I use these two commands in my configuration for Xsaitekpanels.


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tnx Sparker

However, I do not use Xsaitekpanels, but the recent plugin by Logitech, which works fine. besides, it is very weird that such a obvious Switch is not depicted on the AP manufacturer assignment list ...any idea how to take it from here ?????
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First I have never used Logitech plugin because it does not support Linux so I wrote Xsaitekpanels.

If there plugin does not support custom configurations then you are out of luck.

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hummmm .. very interesting, IMHO, It is LR bug it is such an essential switch, that I do not understand why LR omitted it ... the C172 doesn't have so many switches, & LR providing us with tons of switches & assignment options even for a space shuttle ..... so it is not suppose to be a matter of luck at all.
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I do not look at this as a LR bug. There are two switches controlling different avionics equipment and that is what they modeled.

One other option is a FlyWithLua script.

It would look if the default Cessna is loaded and then if the avionics master is on turn on the cross_tie.
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bingo ...

tnx :-)