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As new user of X-plane after more than 30 years with MSFS, I hope to use all my PFC equipemnt . I have read in your forum all questions about the problems encountered by X-planer.

Before my purchase. I have read the X-plane 11 manual and have seen that it was possible to use them page 52 of the french version, and now on the forum I read : IF itr works before with X-plane 9 , it has been without our knowledge or testing or intentiuon of support

My question is : Why to introduce an item about the possibilities in your manual, if it was not possible to use our PFC Products

If I have purchased XP11 it was also about the possibility to use my equipment

I hope to obtain satisfaction to my request. I am glad with the software, but without an equipemnt that I use since more 14 years, there is no interest.

Sioncerely                                           Mochoung

PS : Excuse me for my poor english

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