Mach 2.0 as a cruising speed for Concorde?

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asked Feb 12 by marpilot (32 points)
Good day X-plane team :)

I fly often Concorde freeware ( we have at least 3) as there is a world tour on IVAO network.

In XP11 we can't use CIVA anymore so the only option is default FMS which has a cruising speed limit to 390kts/0.95 Mach.

Could it be possible in next update to raise the limit to 530kts/2.02 Mach as a Concordes numbers?

Thank you :)
commented Feb 27 by marpilot (32 points)
Update: CIVA works and other native maps.

Only FMC has the speed limitation and time over next fix prediction fails.

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