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Running my sim on Steam/Win10 x64, X-plane version 11.01

Yes, I am using the FMC correctly and in full accordance with all manuals, but it is not possible to enter any data into the FMC at any level. The FMC responds to mouse clics and opens menues etc, but not the alphanumeric pad / letters or numbers. Nothing can be entered into it. Tried everything, and I mean everything except installments of extra files etc.

In essence, the sim is worthless to me if I can´t use the FMC. I´ve seen many identical issues on various forums online, but noone seems to have an answer.

Developer simply given up on this??

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Hi  Torea123,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

This forum is for those flight simmers who have the official x-plane version from Laminar Research. Steam is not the official version.  It is a 3rd party hybrid created by its developer taking a commercial advantage of Laminar Research's development work.  There is no connection between either party.

Any updates provided by Steam are made available well after the official release by Laminar Research ie you will always be dragging the chain for the latest version.  The Steam version and Laminar Research version don't mix.  Files can be corrupted if you try and mix

Although others using this forum have experienced FMC problems you should take your problem to a steam forum.  

Good luck.

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Thanks Glenn, I should have known there was some kind of buffer between my version and the real thing. Your comment makes sense. Is there however any way to convert to the original version, off Steam, or do I have to buy it separately?


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I would suggest contacting X-Plane at [email protected]  However , I do suspect that you will be required to pay the full amount as I have indicated that they are totally different products.

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im with xp11 laminar  and my fmc will not activate any flight plann in any plane after last update
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Hi Chris,

Scroll up to the top of the page where this original question was asked.

Click on the orange tag marked "fmc" and it will bring up 3 pages of problems regarding the fmc unit.  If you peruse these problems and or answers you may  find an answer/solution to your problem.

I am not into aircraft fitted with a fmc so I cannot offer any other solution.  If you don't find a solution I suggest you create a fresh posting in this forum as you will have a better chance of getting an answer rather than being buried in an aged original posting.

Good luck