why am i running out of memory only in flight school?

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asked Feb 12 by hotrod2190 (12 points)
I am running windows 10 with i7 36ghz, 48gb ram, and 8gb vram gtx1080 graphics card and using pro flight trainer "puma" for controls xplane will give me 1 of 2 messages only when selecting flight school "xplane is totally out of memory" and it will shut off completely, and also "failed to open following sound file resources/sounds/copilot/cop sta.wav" and xplane will completely shut down this only happens in flight school, and for the most part only after flying through all the green hoops, and landing says "nice flying" then one of those messages pos up and x lane shuts down. why is this happening? why only n flght school? I have updated xplane and adjusted page filing on windows 10 and it has not fixed the issue, can anyone help me?

1 Answer

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answered Feb 16 by DeanP88 (36 points)
48 Gb of ram is an odd amount.  8/16/32/64 would be normal.  I have seen on my VR set up that I may use up to 8-9 GB of ram.  I have 16 GB.

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