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i was just having fun with x-plane 11 for months.i had that out of memory error today afternoon,earlier today it worked fine..i did read the ''no_mem.html'' guide and deleted files inside of preferences folder and couple of add-on planes and still not working receiving same error.

aaand i got 3,83GB log.txt file how could it be ??

Thanks for the help.

İNTEL İ5-4210 2.40GHZ




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Hi ogzkn6

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but I have narrowed your i5-4210 CPU down to the Haswell iteration launched in 2014, although the nearest I can find is the i5-4210M, which is 2.6GHz and used in mobile devices such as a laptop.

In any event, if you take a look at LR's minimum system requirements :-, you will see that any CPU rated at less than 3.0GHz is considered borderline.

As far as your graphics card is concerned, the Nvidia GeForce 840M (again for laptops) has only 2GB of GDDR3 memory, which is also considered below par as far as system hardware requirements are concerned.

RAM @ 8GB is at a minimum, but doable and the 1TB HDD is perfectly OK.

Bottom line, I think that you will have to consider a system upgrade!

Hope this helps?

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Yeah  i know that system requirements, but i've been using the simulator for months.i just played it this morning, idk if those requirements are like laws.
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Hi again

You may therefore wish to try running an online bench test for your laptop at the following website, it's free to use @

Just download a small file and run the test, then the results will be displayed online for you to review, as per the photos below.


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Thanks again,

I started x-plane from steam library,then worked well.problem solved i guess.
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If you run the Live Traffic addon, ensure you select "Errors" only, written to Log, not advisories... This was my solution.
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You need al lest 8GB RAM and Nvidia superior a 1600.