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asked Feb 13 by Hapelo (12 points)
Hi there!

Been so long with these things...flightsimulators(IL2/FSX/DCS/etc,etc)Been flightsimulatorinstructor at Finnish Aviation Museum...tweaking and sneaking,groving old now but fire inside made(IRL/Sim) to fly...

Ooops,the question is my laptop specs are 2,8ghz pros,memory newest 16gb,nvidia 1060 with 6gt....Why X-Plane  "melt down" in about 15-25min?Because of demo?

Want to know before i get full version..

Best Wishes from Finland&Finnish Aviation Museum


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answered Feb 13 by glenfer (1,595 points)

Hi Harri,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer. 

By using the demo mode I assume you have downloaded the digital version.  There is no difference, as indicated in other locations in this forum, between  the demo version and the "full" version other than making a purchase and then entering the "password/licence key" provided at the time of sale/purchase.  The only restriction is a time limit on use and airport location.  So the demo vs full version theory can be eliminated. 

Because of the way you indicated you want to use the software I would suggest you contact Laminar Research at info@x-plane.com to ascertain if you should have a professional licence instead of the "single user" or "home use" licence.

In relation to the "melt down" or crash after running for 15-20 minutes it may be that your laptop is overheating.  X-Plane is extremely resource hungry and generates a lot of heat.  More so with the XP11 version.  To reduce the impact a good cooling system needs to be built into your machine.  Although your specs indicate (by Dr Google) it is a laptop gaming machine there are some machines better than others for X-Plane.

There may be other factors causing the problem.  To ascertain if there is, locate and attach a copy of the log.txt file, which is generated immediately after X-plane is shut down, as part of your question.  In your case when you have your next "melt down".  This will allow others to view and try and ascertain a possible cause.  

How do you attach a file?  Have a look at the following link in this forum at http://questions.x-plane.com/16206/how-to-insert-a-file-in-a-question

Good luck in solving your problem.


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