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I can't find the "insert file" button. I can only see the buttons "link" and "image".

Thank you.

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The "insert file" button is actually the link button.

Place your text cursor where you want to insert the link to your file and follow these steps :

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Please review the log file for the last crash issue.  I am not able to decipher what and why it happened.  Thanks,


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Hi, can you place this answer in the corresponding topic?  It js better to keep all related comments in one place. I will check the log file as son as I have got time.
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Hope I'm doing it right. lol!  Went back to my original post, clicked "answer" and posted the link.  Much appreciated your help on this.  The sim doesn't crash all the time, but I've had random ones when for example reloading a few different aircraft. One crash was clicking on the "arrival" approaches in the default 747 FMC. etc. their just random and not one thing causes it.  Thanks, if I have another crash I'll post that link too.